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A bit about me

I started migformac in 2012, after working as a Specialist at the Apple Store at Southpoint (Durham, NC) for two and a half years. I am also a veteran teacher with a MA in English and Masters of Library Science. For 33 years, I served as the Upper/Middle School media specialist and taught English and media production courses at Carolina Friends School in Durham.

Balancing work and play is very important to me. I am happiest in the great outdoors…winter gardening, hiking, and observing the natural world. My latest adventure, with my husband, is restoring a 125 year old saltbox home on Change Islands in Newfoundland, Canada.

Two years ago, Mig came to our home to troubleshoot our existing wifi network.  With her help, we were able to finally able to fully integrate all of our Apple devices with our wifi. This past fall, we asked Mig to help us buy a new computer.  Mig came, asked how we currently use our computer and what we were planning with a new system. Then, she helped us complete the online order to select a new computer with sufficient storage capacity and peripheral devices.  Mig introduced us to a trade-in program to return our existing MacMini which was worth $180. Before leaving, Mig explained the work we needed to do to prepare for transferring files from our old system to the new one. When the new computer arrived, Mig installed the new equipment and completed the file transfer.  Mig is an excellent teacher and communicator; with her assistance we saved time and money and avoided headaches and stress.

Carole S. and Greg G.


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